Strategic Planning

A start-up business had been in operation for three years. The annual budget had been formulated based on actual performance plus a percentage increase for both revenues and costs. Revenue targets were not being achieved, little data was available to analyse actual performance and no sales plan had been implemented. Shareholders were losing confidence in the budgets being presented which could result in future investments being reduced until a robust strategic plan implemented and financial objectives achieved.

Informed Finance was engaged to understand the issues facing the company, implement a strategic planning process, create a three year plan and comprehensive annual budget with achievable revenue targets, maximising returns to the shareholders. 


  1. Implement a robust and detailed control system to ensure revenue data recorded and collated accurately by client and product.  
  2. Accurate and timely reporting implemented to provide customer performance, revenue mix, trend analysis and client insights.
  3. Thorough review of Direct Costs to identify potential efficiency savings and allow accurate forecast of Gross Margins.
  4. Comprehensive analysis of all overheads to ensure all costs captured and identify potential cost savings.
  5. Implemented review with Senior Management Team to analyse information and determine actions required to deliver shareholder requirements.


Based on the reports and analysis provided, the Senior Management Team were able to identify and forecast revenues, gross margin and profits for the existing business, thus created a comprehensive annual budget based on known and controllable factors.

With clear insights into the current business, SMT were able to establish a clear strategic direction, focusing on key strengths to maximise revenues and profits. The strategic plan formalised, a three year plan was created and presented to the shareholders. 

With a robust strategic plan and three year plan, shareholders were able to review and understand the expected financial performance and agreed to invest funds for the future to drive sales and achieve the long-term financial objectives of the business.